Prof. Dr. Melissa Vasi FRSA

Professor of Innovation, Digital Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Dissertation Research

The open challenge nowaday lies in identifying a strategic vision to respond to a massively scaled system change caused by pandemics, climate emergency, trade wars or other exogenous factors. 
The dissertation project aims to investigate the influence of open innovation and dynamic capabilities on the resilience of small and medium-sized enterprises during the COVID-19 pandemic. With a mixed methods approach, the research develops a conceptual framework that supports firms in preparing for, during and recovering from an economic crisis caused by exogenous factor.
A first quantitative phase of the study interrogates the sample through an internet-based self-administered questionnaire on the open innovation practices adopted before and during the coronavirus pandemic, their degree of success, the collaborations initiated and the trend towards openness. This phase of the study examines how open innovation  can serve as a winning strategy and act as a channel for the knowledge transfer to the firm so that the reconfiguration of business capabilities can be operationalised. 
A second qualitative phase leverages a multiple study strategy, particularly the  semi-structured interview instrument, to add  further conceptual knowledge and allowed for insights into the role played by dynamic capabilities in business resilience.
This research design routes to an answer to the research questions that guide the study:
  • How can open innovation help SMEs overcome and manage the economic crisis caused by a pandemic?
  • What are the dynamic capabilities necessary to ensure the SMEs ’resilience during a pandemic?

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