Prof. Dr. Melissa Vasi FRSA

Professor of Innovation, Digital Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Teaching & Projects

Melissa is Professor at Longford International College.

Her activities include:
  • Teaching "Innovation Management", "Entrepreneurship" and "Strategic Management" in online MBA, MSc and Executive programmes in English
  • Mentoring DBA and MBA research projects, dissertations and theses in English
  • Performing research in the fields of Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Business Administration using both quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • Developing and reviewing course plans and materials
Melissa is also Lecturer at IU Internationale Hochschule.

Her activities include:
  • Teaching “Project Management”, “IT Project Management”, “Agile Project Management”, “Computer Training”, "Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management" and “Introduction to Scientific Work” in online and in-person BA and MA programmes in English and German
  • Module coordinator for the course “Innovation & Technology Management” in German
Melissa is also Lecturer and Tutor at Wilhelm BĂĽchner Hochschule.

Her activities include:
  • Tutoring activities for the courses “R&D Management”, “Leadership & Communication”, “Innovation Management”, “Innovation Strategies”, “Innovation & Technology Management”, “Strategic Management”, and “Strategy, Organization & International Management” in online MSc programmes in German
  • Mentoring postgraduate projects and theses in German
Melissa is also Advisor for the Doctor of Business Administration program at KMU Akademie & Management AG for the courses at Middlesex University London.

Her activities include:
  • Mentoring DBA research projects and dissertations in German
Melissa is also Lecturer at Berlin School of Business and Innovation.

Her activities include:
  • Mentoring postgraduate and undergraduate projects and theses in English
  • Melissa collaborates with the DEFI research group at the University of Cambridge as a postdoc studying the impact of AI tools on adult learning in remote settings.
  • Melissa, in partnership with Longford International College, supports the Immaculate College of Arts and Science for Women, Cuddalore (India) by offering STEM degrees and executive programmes.

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