Prof. Dr. Melissa Vasi FRSA

Professor of Innovation, Digital Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Conferences & Talks

Conference Proceedings
  • LSDJMR-2022 (2022, April). Vasi, M. & English, V. Exogenous crises and the resilience of SMEs: exploring Open Innovation in the COVID-19 pandemic. Online. 
  • CCSBE-2022 (2022, October). Vasi, M., English, V. & Sansone, G. Introducing the Dynamic Open Innovation Funnel. Online. 
  • WOIC-2022 (2022, November). Vasi, M., English, V. & Sansone, G. Exogenous Crises and SMEs Resilience: The Dynamic Open Innovation funnel. Online. 
Conference Guest Speaker
  • Digital Transformation towards Sustainable Development in Future 2024 (2024, March). University of Delhi. 

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