Dr. Melissa Vasi FRSA

Senior Lecturer in Open Innovation and Strategic Management

Academic Services

Mentor & External Examiner
Melissa has mentored students at:
  • Longford International College - DBA, MBA
Melissa has served as External Examiner for:
  • DBA defences - Uninettuno University, 2022
Peer-Review Experience
Melissa has served as an ad hoc reviewer for: 
  • Research-Technology Management Journal
  • EURAM Annual Conference 2021
  • AOM 2023
Melissa offers consulting services for students who need assistance and support in their PhD or Master journey and to complete their thesis.

The consulting program includes, but is not limited to, definition of the research topic, scientific writing, literature review, drafting of conceptual models, choice of the appropriate methodology, quantitative and qualitative analysis of data, drafting of research results and preparation for the thesis defense.
In addition to the technical aspects, the consulting program includes the definition of a concrete work plan and short-term goals, time and stress management and evaluation of career options.